Transfrontier Safari 2019

Having just recently returned home from what can only be described as a truly remarkable safari. Traveling to those remote areas of the Kalahari with you and the Penduka team is a memory I will hold dear all my life. You showed us places that few others would venture to. You shared your incredible knowledge of the Kalahari, it’s history, the animals, plants and birds; keeping us all fascinated despite the incredible drought we were witnessing.
You have showed me the Kalahari, the harshness, the beauty, the timelessness of a place but seldom found in this age. How remarkable it was while chatting to fellow guests, whether they be seasoned safari goers or first timers, how each persons life was touched and enriched. We are all agreed, we will be back to venture again with you to places that you know so well and love so dearly