Client Testimonials

Central Kalahari Safari May 2019

We loved every moment of our safari. The beautiful sunsets, the roar of the Kalahari lions, Kenny’ delicious meals cooked on a crackling fire, a basin of hot water in the mornings and a quick shower at night are all memories we will treasure forever

Transfrontier Safari 2019

Having just recently returned home from what can only be described as a truly remarkable safari. Traveling to those remote areas of the Kalahari with you and the Penduka team is a memory I will hold dear all my life. You showed us places that few others would venture to. You shared your incredible knowledge of the Kalahari, it’s history, the animals, plants and birds; keeping us all fascinated despite the incredible drought we were witnessing.
You have showed me the Kalahari, the harshness, the beauty, the timelessness of a place but seldom found in this age. How remarkable it was while chatting to fellow guests, whether they be seasoned safari goers or first timers, how each persons life was touched and enriched. We are all agreed, we will be back to venture again with you to places that you know so well and love so dearly

13 day Explorer July 2019

A classic and authentic safari with all the comforts, all the sights, all the wonderful company. The ever-faithful Internationals, just doing what they do. May they travel another million miles…hopefully some of those miles with me.

Willem, the legacy of Penduka you have taken on from Izak and built on, change people’s lives, enriching us all.

Long may you continue opening the wildernesses of Africa to us fortunate few who safari with you.

Warmest regards and a big thank you

9 Day classic safari – November 2019

Yet another fantastic safari. It was so special for us to watch our kids and theirs really getting into the swing of the routine of “camping” in the bush, and of being completely blown away by the many kinds, large numbers, and amazing nearness of all the animals we saw.

Please pass our thanks to all your staff, for their always cheerful willingness to drop everything to satisfy our every need.

Nothing will ever equal Penduka’s pre-dawn “Good morning: warm water!” wakeup call, and touring all those long distances in its enclosed buses with their flip-up hatches.
Finally, thank you again for all your hard work, patient sense of humor, and the once-in-a-life-time experience you provided us and our kids

Combined & day Central Kalahari and 9 Day Classic March 2019

Wow, what a fantastic safari my wife and I have just had.

How did it all start?

In 1975 I was teaching Biology in a South African High School and I had decided that I must complete an African Safari before my year was up. I joined a Penduka Safari – fifteen days from Johannesburg. Africa got into my blood on that trip and I have been waiting for the opportunity to experience the thrill again of seeing large African mammals in the wild, the sunsets, the smells and the sounds, particularly at night.

In 2018 my wife and I decided to do a world tour. I suddenly realized this might be the chance to visit Africa again, so I checked the web and found that Penduka Safaris was still in operation. Emails started flying across the world and before long, my wife and I had booked a safari for March 2019.

The wildlife, the experienced guide plus team of helpers, accommodation, food and drink made this safari that my wife and I will never forgot.

Some people would say that it sounds like a trip of a lifetime. However I would say that trips of this quality are for one to enjoy many times in a lifetime if possible.

Thank you Penduka for staying there in Africa and producing very professional safaris that enable people like us to come and enjoy the whole experience of Africa. The smells, sounds, and experiences are all brought back to us when we view the hundreds of photographs that we took on this Safari

5 Day Moremi Sept 2019

Now to our trip to Botswana, what an experience!

We loved everything!  Penduka staff greeted us at the airport and put us on a small plane to fly us to the camp. The pilot flew nice and low, and we saw animals from the air, lot of fun. Our guide picked us up at Xakanaxa and drove us to our camp. We were greeted by 2 more staff members, a cook and a helper and our camp was all set up for us. The safari vehicle was a classic International Harvester, very comfortable and very spacious, with rooftop seating for game viewing. On our first evening’s game drive we quickly realised that the safari was going to be everything we dreamed of … and it was, thank you