Combined & day Central Kalahari and 9 Day Classic March 2019

Wow, what a fantastic safari my wife and I have just had.

How did it all start?

In 1975 I was teaching Biology in a South African High School and I had decided that I must complete an African Safari before my year was up. I joined a Penduka Safari – fifteen days from Johannesburg. Africa got into my blood on that trip and I have been waiting for the opportunity to experience the thrill again of seeing large African mammals in the wild, the sunsets, the smells and the sounds, particularly at night.

In 2018 my wife and I decided to do a world tour. I suddenly realized this might be the chance to visit Africa again, so I checked the web and found that Penduka Safaris was still in operation. Emails started flying across the world and before long, my wife and I had booked a safari for March 2019.

The wildlife, the experienced guide plus team of helpers, accommodation, food and drink made this safari that my wife and I will never forgot.

Some people would say that it sounds like a trip of a lifetime. However I would say that trips of this quality are for one to enjoy many times in a lifetime if possible.

Thank you Penduka for staying there in Africa and producing very professional safaris that enable people like us to come and enjoy the whole experience of Africa. The smells, sounds, and experiences are all brought back to us when we view the hundreds of photographs that we took on this Safari